ELON MUSK, PRETORIA, 1985 (he was 14, then!)

TWo generations - one idea


After a chance meeting in a pub in Cologne in 2018, Chris & Martin realized they shared a passion for supporting professionals. Soon they discovered that they had the same idea about how to do it: Not just as coaches or consultants, but by bringing like-minded people together to learn from one another. So, many meetings and a few Kölsch later, they decided to establish the MASTERMIND MOVEMENT as a company. Even though 30 years in age separate them, they share many beliefs. One is that you can learn something from every individual you meet:  Everyone is a potential teacher! Chris & Martin combine innovation and experience in their mission to support you in your present and future challenges.

Christian Hitzbleck

The Founder

"I love bringing people together."

Chris co-founded the music start-up "Jam Connect" in 2016. It offered artists from the urban music scene as well as from the world of classical music the opportunity to collaborate and perform, culminating in a total of 23 concerts over an 18-month period. They created a community, where music managers could discover and meet potential new talent. Within a year this community grew to over 450 musicians, dancers and music industry professionals. This inspired him to expand on the idea: He wanted to create a movement for entrepreneurs and leaders who want to make a difference in the world. A format where ideas can be discussed and developed through active listening and mutual support. In March of 2018 he created the MASTERMIND MOVEMENT organizing twelve exclusive networking events, the "Mastermind Lounges" in his first year. Since then the number of participants has grown steadily. To date, the MASTERMIND MOVEMENT has welcomed over 250 entrepreneurs and executives to their events.

Martin Spütz

The Expert

"I have no doubt: The idea of "Masterminding" will revolutionize the way we learn and develop forever."

Martin has more than 25 years of diverse, global experience as an executive coach, leadership trainer and management consultant. He has designed and facilitated numerous international leadership development programs, building high-performing teams and coaching top executives. Martin has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders. His clients include executives from various cultures from Europe and North America to Asia and Australia, such as BMW, REWE Systems, Siemens, thyssenkrupp, The Boston Consulting Group, Bayer, ProsiebenSat1, Strabag, Daiichi Sankyo, Telefonica and others. A systems thinker through and through, Martin has an extraordinary talent for making complex situations easy to understand through analogies, mental models and a good dose of humor. Martin has a deep understanding of neuropsychology and its impact on leadership and collaboration. To him, Masterminding is the next logical step. He is our head facilitator for the Mastermind Groups.

supported by a strong team

Welcome, Lisa, Markus und Fabian.

Lisa van Geffen

Business Development

Lisa joined us in July of 2022. Being Chinese and Dutch she speaks four languages fluently: Mandarin, Dutch, German and English. We love her fast math brain and her talent for creating structure as well as her charming and outgoing love for people and their development.

Markus Feigelbinder


Markus runs our MASTERMIND BASE MUNICH. As a seasoned serial tech entrepreneur, SaaS adviser and C-Level manager, he brings a ton of experience and ideas to the table when organizing and facilitating MASTERMIND GROUPS in the Munich area. Markus is both, very empathic and straightforward.

Fabian Falk


Fabian is our "OKR-Master". As Offer & Business Development Manager at OBI First Media Group he's a data-driven change manager. Fabian has helped us and GROUPS in working with the concept of Objectives and Key Results. Fabian facilitates MASTERMIND GROUPS with a focus on results and accountability.

featured supporters

Fritz Fried

Co-Founder LOLOCO and 8z.B.

The creator of this very website - design and programming. What an amazing job he has done! Check-out his animations. Fritz is a serial start-upper with a keen perception of what works and what does not. A typical "Valley-Mindset": Head in the clouds, feet firmly planted on the ground. Thx, Fritz!

Marc Seick

Founder Advertising Agency CAPE6

What would the MASTERMIND MOVEMENT be without Marc? When you watch the videos and see the pictures of our events - they were taken in his amazing penthouse office in the heart of Cologne. Being a supporter of the first hour and just a really, really nice guy, he let us have the room for free! Thx!

Jon Ziemlich

Master of my.mastermindmovement.de

Jon is a whizz-kid when it comes to programming secure websites! Because one of his specialties is to find out where your website is vulnerable. Jon has programmed our membership platform my.mastermindmovement.de. He's done a tremendous job - and keeps doing it! There's more to come! Thank you!

Julian Zaudig

1. Vorsitzender a. D. Corporate Law Clinic Cologne

Julian knows the law! And he has the rare ability to explain it so even we understand. "Man of the first hour", he's helped us tremendously with the design of our contracts. European Data Protection Regulation? Julian guided us through that jungle, too! His machete is his ultra-sharp brain! Thanks!!

Oliver Güth

Master Photographer of the Movement

You might have noticed that many pictures here speak the same language. Its Oliver's language and we love it! Oliver has an amazing eye and brings out the best in you. He loves what he does and delivers every single time. Thank you, Oli. You make us look good!

Christian Küller


Christian has created our logo and our entire corporate identity. And we love it. Don't you? Throw him an idea, a vague direction, and he'll come back with amazing concepts. By the way: If you're asking yourself why "Zweimeterdesign?" (two meters design), go and meet him - then you'll know why ;-)




                     MARTIN SPÜTZ

The founders of the



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