Traditional teaching starts with the subject. A coach, boss or professor tells you what you should learn. MASTERMINDING starts with YOU. You choose the topic - whatever is important to you. The group shares their experience, knowledge and ideas.

the POOL

The MASTERMIND MATCHING POOL is the group of people who would like to be part of a Mastermind Group. Simultaneously they are members of the MASTERMIND MOVEMENT. Become a member, join the pool and start networking.

Diverse expertise
profound experiences
valuable networks
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Our sophisticated MATCHING ALGORITHM creates groups of people where you will fit right in. Similar enough to understand each other. Different enough to learn from one another. Tell us who you're looking for, and we'll find the right people to support you.

exchange at eye level
holistic persepctives
profound expertise

the MASTERmind

Collective learning and development: When we exchange experience and ideas in harmony, an additional mind is created - the "Mastermind". 

different perspectives
Innovative solutions
new connections

ONline & Offline

THE platform

For our members, we have programmed a sophisticated platform. Here you can create your own profile and have access to the other members. You can download resources and sign up for events. And you will find our MASTERMIND TOOL: the professional home of the SPRINTS and GROUPS.
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We believe in the power of real meetings. That is why we have created a format where you can choose to join the meeting online or come to our studio in Cologne. A large screen with excellent meeting software and hardware in our large studio make the process seamless and safe: When you come to our studio, you will simultaneously log yourself into the online-meeting, using your smartphone or computer. This way, everyone who is online will be able to see each one of the participants in the studio.

Our solutions

our Solutions


  • 3 – 5 months
  • 4 - 6 Participants
  • 7 Hybrid Meetings
  • 2 hours per Meeting
  • can be transformed into a GROUP
More about the sprint


  • Ongoing Process
  • 4 – 6 Participants
  • ca. 1 Hybrid Meeting/Month
  • 2 hours per Meeting
  • Minimum Commitment: 1 Year
More about the group

The mastermind Sprint


your target state

In a first meeting, you get to know your SPRINT colleagues and determine the process. It starts with you: What do you want to take away from the SPRINT? The group helps you to work out and define your desired "target state".

The Process


During the following five meetings, the SPRINT members will take turns: Every member presents their challenges and receives input from the group and the coach – That’s “masterminding”.


Your benefits

In the last meeting, we will look back and we will look ahead: What have you achieved? What do you still need? And then it’s time to celebrate what you have achieved so far - and make plans for your next steps and - to ensure your ongoing development.

The MASTERMIND SPRINT is a defined group of 4 to 6 participants who meet seven times at regular intervals over a period of three to five months for a two-hour online meeting.  

The meetings are facilitated by experienced coaches - the "MASTERMIND PILOTS". They follow a proven structure: Taking turns, each member is given time to present a current challenge. This can be certain strategic issues, or topics that you’re unsure about. Leadership issues can also be a topic. Frankly, you are free to present any topic, challenge or question that is important to you.  

A powerful online-Tool on our membership platform supports you with your GROUPS and SPRINTS.

3-5 months  |  4-6 participants  |  7 hybrid meetings à 2hrs  |  can be transformed into a GROUP

One-Time Fee, Prices on application


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trust and confidentiality

The mastermind GROUP

Many successful entrepreneurs and leaders have had ongoing Mastermind Groups. John D. Rockefeller had one, Thomas A. Edison had one, and more and more founders and executives are re-discovering the tremendous value that a structured continuous mastermind group process offers.

Who knows these fellas?

The MASTERMIND GROUP, unlike the SPRINT, is not limited in its duration. Rather, it is an ongoing process. However, it is not uncommon that the members of a MASTERMIND SPRINT have taken so much value from the SPRINT-meetings that they decide to continue, thus morphing the SPRINT into a GROUP.

Depending on the topic, the group consists of 4 to 6 participants, who meet about once a month for a two-hour meeting. Over time deep relationships are formed, and together the members of a group support each other in their individual growth processes –  trusting, open, respectful and honest – a MASTERMIND GROUP runs deep!

A powerful online-Tool on our membership platform supports you with your GROUPS and SPRINTS.

We ask participants to commit to the group for at least one year because this is the only way to create a community that gets to know each other well enough to be able to rely on one another. If someone leaves after one year, a place will become available. Then, we can invite someone from our MATCHING POOL to join the group. However, the group members decide together and unanimously whether they want to accept that new member.

Deep conversations during masterminding

ongoing process  |  4-6 participants  |  ca. 1 hybrid meeting/month à 2hrs  |  min. commitment: 1 year


MOnthly Fee, Prices on application

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