Family businesses are a complex affair. Who’s the boss? And who’s the boss when the son or daughter take over?

Families alone are often difficult systems where good intentions oftentimes meet unspoken expectations, fear and frustration. As the family evolves and its members mature, roles and responsibilities are negotiated over and over again: A cause for many and often overwhelming conflicts.

When the family runs a business, a whole new level of complexity is added. Dreams and expectations of its members may clash. Is he or she going to take over the family trade and tradition? Will dad or mum let me do my own thing? Must I stay in my family’s business or is it ok to pursue a different career? And when I do stay – what will my role be? How can I grow into the immense responsibility that is burdened with expectations and traditions and the difficulty of letting go and accepting change?

This is a very special MASTERMINDGROUP:

  • Learn from other fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who are in similar situations.
  • Exchange and clarify expectations in a safe environment.
  • Define and agree upon roles and responsibilities.
  • Find mentors.
  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

The MASTERMINDGROUP “Generations” is a yearlong program. It consists of three distinct phases, each with different Mastermind Groups. And it follows a defined process:

You might end up getting the program for free! 

There are many sponsoring programs by chambers of commerce or government agencies available to small and medium-sized businesses. For example, if your company is located in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, this one might apply for this Mastermind GROUP:

Mittelstand Innovativ

We are the same!
Aren’t we?

In this first phase, you will meet and mastermind with people who are in similar situations to yourself. Sons or daughters meet sons or daughters of other family businesses. At the same time, fathers or mothers meet with other fathers and mothers. Sharing your experience, voicing your hopes and challenges amongst equals is the first and a very liberating step.

They are different!
Aren’t they?

In the second phase, you will meet with your counterpart: If you are a son or daughter of a family business you will form a Mastermind Group with fathers or mothers of other family businesses. This allows you to take the position of the “other party” without facing your own family – yet. Without the emotional “baggage” that your own family carries you can try out walking “in the other person’s moccasins”.


In the third phase of the process you will – finally – join with your own father, mother, son, or daughter in a Mastermind Group. You will understand, accept and respect each other on an entirely new level. And you will come to agreements and make plans for the future. In the end, you will have clarity, power and peace.

Your facilitator, Martin Spütz, does not only have more than 25 years of experience as a coach and consultant in the business world. He also has undertaken extensive studies in the field of systemic family psychology. And he’s also the son of a family business founder.