Corona Challenges are Diverse

There’s no doubt: In the weeks and months to come many members of Mastermind Groups will have issues around the Corona Crisis as their topic.  However, every business, every industry is affected differently: A restaurant owner faces other challenges than a high-tech start-up or an established supplier in the automotive industry. 


are matched

Under the topic of “CORONA CREATIVE”, we’re forming groups of entrepreneurs and executives, who’s companies are facing similar challenges. Similar enough so we profit from one another, but diverse enough to generate a transfer of knowledge.
Together, we will brainstorm ideas for the imminent and long-term challenges of each of the group members.

Change requires letting go and that is oftentimes hard to do alone. The group supports you in realizing and accepting what needs to go, what needs to change and what new products and processes might be promising.
That is active change management












empty beaches, empty purses…

Some pressing questions

Masterminding starts with you. Whatever your questions and challenges are: You offer them and the group combines their brainpower to create innovative, promising but also realistic and “doable” solutions. You might ask yourself:

  • How will I have to adapt my business model to the new situation?
  • How can I create products and services that will meet a market?
  • What processes need to change and how in order to ensure sustained business success?
  • How can we protect our employees best and in a way that is most comfortable for them?
  • Where can I find help? 
    (support programs, loans, free advice, tax breaks…)

Understanding Change Management: The “Change House”

This is the recording of an online MASTERMIND JAM SESSION that we facilitated in April 2020. We introduced one of the most helpful and eye-opening models for Change Management: The “Change House” lets you understand how people experience change and how you can lead them through difficult transition processes. 

The first part is about 50 minutes long, the second part about 30 minutes. Yes, it is long but worth it! It’s extremely valuable knowledge and it’s free (sorry, only in German).